Andy preaches the Gospel

   Michael Pineda is upset and naturally so, that he is injured.  He was interviewed and said he wants to be a Yankee.  I understand that a certain Great Yankees pitcher comes in at 6AM and gets his work done and gets his work done.  Pineda is aware of this.  This pitcher also sat down with Pineda and had a long talk with him.  If you guesed “Dandy” Andy, you are correct.  Andy may have already paid dividends to the Yankees.  Let’s hope Pineda heels and learns.  EDB


   The Yankees are reporting that Cesar Cabral has a signifigant injury to his left elbow.  It looks like the 60 Day Disabled List for Cabral, where he can join Pedro Feliciano.  If you go to and click on the roster, Feliciano again starts this season on the disabled list.  I am thinking of starting the 60 Day Disabled List club.  I would need to invite Nick Johnson (“Mr Glass,”) who the Yankees could reaquire from The Orioles.  Don’t worry that he is not disabled, he will injure himself on either the plane, bus or bicycle ride over.  The Yankees are considering adding either D.J. Mitchell or David Phelps as long relievers in the bullpen.  I have no problem, since they are projected starters, if it will not mees them up.  I do not want to sit in my seat at the Stadium or on my couch and see Girardi remove Repada after one lefty batter that he has walkred or given up a hit to, ala Randy Chote.  Let’s see what happens.



Welcome everyone to my Yankees Report.  My aim is to provide information on the New York Yankees and offer my opinion as well.  Please feel free to comment.  Let’s start with the latest Yankees news.  Michael Pineda was placed on the 15 day disabled list with right shoulder tendinitis.  First of all, it’s good that it is not anything more serious.  Playing with the shoulder is tricky.  Knowing the Yankees, if anyone thought that Pineda was going to start this season in the rotation,  is fooling themself.  The Yankees had ready made reasons to justify the demotion.  He came into camp overweight and he needs to develop his changeup, would qualify as two.  What concerns me is that Pineda’s velocity was down.  He had a “not so great” second half of last season.  Perhaps the Mariners, had some concern and were  willing to trade him.  Pineda still has alot of upside, so let’s hope.  As far as Cesar Cabral (rule 5) lefty reliver is concerned, he has experienced pain in his left elbow.  Rule five players “usually” do not amount to much.  He is 23 and (I have to wonder why the Red Sox who need pitching, let him go.  But Clay Repada?  Why?  Look at this guy’s career stats, because I do believe in “the back of the Baseball card” way of looking at players.  I do not care that Rapada has great stats against lefties.  He cannot get out righties.  So, he probably pitches to one batter.  Good lefties get out righties, Brian Cashman.  Look at Cashman’s quest for lefty relievers: Mike Myers, Felix Heredia, Gabe White and I notice Pedro Feliciano is once again on the Sixty Day Disabled List.  Would you feel good with Rapada facing David Ortiz?   I wouldn’t.  More on the Yankees soon.  I do look forward to the opening of the season on Friday.  Later!  EDB