Andy preaches the Gospel

   Michael Pineda is upset and naturally so, that he is injured.  He was interviewed and said he wants to be a Yankee.  I understand that a certain Great Yankees pitcher comes in at 6AM and gets his work done and gets his work done.  Pineda is aware of this.  This pitcher also sat down with Pineda and had a long talk with him.  If you guesed “Dandy” Andy, you are correct.  Andy may have already paid dividends to the Yankees.  Let’s hope Pineda heels and learns.  EDB

1 thought on “Andy preaches the Gospel

  1. This is exactly what I expected when the Yanks signed Pettitte. Veteran pitcher who knows how to prepare, handle the media, play in NY, and pitch in big spots. I felt that his biggest contribution to the club will be as a mentor, not as a pitcher. Like you said, if he is able to straighten out Pineda, it will prove to be a tremendous signing by Cashman. If Pineda can’t get his act together, Cashman will take a huge hit for trading Montero, which I would bet could be the beginning of the end of his reign a Yanks GM.

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