C.C. Sabathia, always a slow starter, has seemed to have found his groove.  Sabathia, after pitching a solid game vs the Rangers, pitched eight innings and gave up two runs.  David Robertson closed out the game.  Both Curtis Granderson and Andrew Jones Homered.  Curtis missed a second Dinger, backing Austin Jackson to the wall.  The Bombers lead the majors with 36 homers.  The Yanks had ten hits and seven walks and left too many men on early in the game.  They kept the Tigers in it.  That has become a problem too many times, the past few years.  Nick Swisher had to leave the game in the third with a mild sprain in his left hamstring.  He is day to day.  This concerns me, because Nick had this in the past.  He came back too soon and had to be disabled.  He is off to such a good start, knocking in runs.  In other news, the Yanks have banished Freddy Garcia to the bullpen to work out his woes.  I think the Yanks should get his permission to send him down to Scranton.  He can start down there.  David Phelps gets the start in Kanas city.  It would be nice to see David pitch well.  Now lets get Hughes out of the rotation.  EDB


  In today’s NY Post Cashman was asked if it was far too early to look outside for help.  Cashman replied “with what we have coming, he isn’t discouraged by slow starts by Banuelos and Betances.Cashman better be right, he refused to talk trade when either name was mentioned by another team.  The Yankees do not seem to have alot of big position prospects on the farm.  They might need to trade pitching for such players.  They might need some of these pitchers to help them out this season.  Thus far Banuelos (disabled) and Betances who won his first AAA game, have control problems and do not look like top prospects.  Brian is being paid big bucks to improve the Yankees.

If I owned the Yankees, he would have been gone.  Hal Steinbrenner loves Cashman.  We will see very shortly the kind of job Cashman has done.  If the Yankees starting pitching woes continues, changes will need to take place.  EDB


 I never had the pleasure to watch Bill “Moose” Skowron play.  He had a substantial nine year career with the Bombers.  What I remember most about the Moose was his infectious smile.  He seemed to be a good guy.  That’s what I observed at the Old Timers games.  I am gonna miss seeing him this year.  On the sports news they showed several clips of the Moose.  He said that he blessed the Yankees every night before he went to sleep for giving him the opportunity.  The Moose would also take the Rookies out to dinner to make them feel welcome.  He was truly a good guy and a very solid player.  Rest In Peace Moose!   EDB


  Derek Jeter marched to third on a wild pitch and scored on a passed ball to win it for the Yanks.  Unfortunately, he was not pied.  I would love to see that.  “It ain’t my thing man!” Nick Swisher replied when asked to take over for A.J. “The Clown,” now in Pittsburgh.  Mark Texierra hit a sacrifice fly in the eighth  to tie it up. Good for you Mark.  That’s what you are paid to do and you have shown some clutch lately.  The Yanks go for game two of the series tomorrow.  EDB


 The look on Phil Hughes face, is what is in my mind.  Why is this guy still considered a big prospect?  If you look at his career stats: 2007 0-5 4.46;  2008 0-0 6.62; 09 8-3 3.03; 2010 18-8 4.19; 2011 5-5 5.79; 2012 thus far 1-3 7.88.  Lifetime 4.58 e.r.a.  Phil Hughes had two good years in 2009 and 2010.  The last two years he has been horrible.  Even when Hughes is good for a few innings, the opposing teams offense eventually gets to him.  “Location” is the excuse.  Think of the Yankees against an opposing pitcher you think they should hit.  When they do hit him, you think, “good, he’s hittable.”  Don’t you think that’s what the opposing team thinks?  I hear Hughes will be given another chance.  What does he have to do to not be given another chance, get racked around in only one inning?  One might answer with a question “who else do we have?”  As I have mentioned, I would give David Phelps a chance.  How quickly the Yankees depth of starting pitching has disappeared.  And to the Pitching Genius Brian Cashman- where’s all the young pitching you rave about?  EDB


  Take your pick, just get this guy out of here.  Every time Hughes pitches, Girardi has to empty the bullpen.  I wish David Phelps pitched better so I can make my case to flip flop him in the rotation with Hughes.  Where’s all the pitching the Yankees have?  Freddy also kills the bullpen.  EDB


  My wife who has trained horses for many years said upon hearing about Pineda, “It’s like getting a bad horse.  They allowed Pineda to heal until it could not be detected.”  She’s not negative like me. Maybe there’s something to what she said.   Anyway, Jack “pulled  the wool over your eyes” Zduriencik, the GM for the Mariners, pulled one on the pitching genius Cashman.    Pictured is his relative “Horse Trader Zeek” from the old west.  Maybe Brian will pick up some more pitchers to become members of the “sixty Day Disabled list.”

Michael Pineda which you know by now has a right shoulder torn labrum.  I am not a doctor and hearing that the surgery to the shoulder will be done arthroscopically does not sound as invasive as cutting.  I ask myself, how many pitchers are the same after shoulder surgery?  Remember Pineda is out for a year, not just the rest of this season.  So when the 2013 season begins, Pineda will still be on the disabled list.  Brian traded a pretty good looking hitting prospect for Pineda.  With Arod looking less and less like his former self, we could use a power bat.  Another thing that sickens me is Cashman’s  propensity to pick up players that have been waved by other teams.  During tonights game

Michael Kay stated after Girardi brought in Cory Eppley, “The Rangers are familiar with Eppley, since they released him.”  Cashman does not understand pitching.  Look at all the bad pitching moves he has made.  The Steinbrenners love him, so we Yankee fans have to endure his stupid mistakes.  Cashman upon being interviewed concerning Pineda “I’m devastated.”  I feel the same way Brian, but about your stupidity.  EDB


 I had trouble finding the perfect photo to detail what I want to say.  When Curtis Granderson was up with the bases loaded for the Yankees, he was called out on strikes.  It sure looked outside to me.  What happened to the catcher’s view which YES used to show the fans and those doing the game reported on?  Was YES ordered to stop showing the replay from this angle?  Did they stop this on their own?  It was the perfect way to report what the pitch actually was.  It probably showed up the umpires.  Many umpires  cannot tell a strike from a ball.  The sad thing is that is what they are paid to do.  EDB