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 On “Mike’s On” today on WFAN, a debate started concerning Melky Cabrera, who is “on fire” for the Giants.  Francesca said ” Melky is not a Yankees corner outfielder.  He only has four homers and twenty R.B.I.’s.  Melky hit 18 hrs for the Royals last year, that’s probably the most he will hit.”  Mike has a right to his opinion.  I believe Melky has grown up and is developing.  He would hit twenty homers for the Yankees with the hitters park that the new Stadium is.  Mike also talked about Melky’s defense skills.  He compared Melky’s numbers to Nicks.  First of all, the Yankees have become a rotisserie team.  Nick is a lifetime .250 plus hitter.  He is absent in the playoffs.  He hit a nice sacrifice fly last night.  However, he is hitting in the .240’s.  He has been swining at balls in the dirt and striking out.  Tha Yankees are not going to bring Nick back.  He is looking for a Jason Werth type contract.  Even if Hal was not so conscious of the “Salary Cap,”  Swisher is not worth the money he is asking.  Melky, in his last season with the Yankees got a lot of big hits.  Maybe he becomes that “clutch” guy.  The Yankees are lacking that.  By the way, Matsuison hit a homer in his first at bat for the Rays.  That guy was clutch.  The Yankees do not have that guy, batting in the middle.   I’m getting off the topic.  You have to watch a player’s at bats to see what’s going on.  Melky is a switch hitter, with a great arm and I believe would be as good a defensive right fielder as Swisher.   He would come cheaper than Swisher.  What if Melky hit well into the .300’s and hit 15 hrs?  The Yankees are lacking a player like that.  Jeter is hitting .300 this year and that’s it. Cano went over .300 a bit and now he’s struggling again.  EDB


 Laz Diaz, hoping to emulate his colleague the incompetent and pompous Joe West, has created controversy.  Russell Martin during last night’s Yankees-Angels game, asked Diaz if you could throw the ball back to the pitcher, when a new baseball in introduced.  Martin explained to Diaz, it helps keep his arm loose.  Diaz, replied “you have to earn it.”  Martin asked again later on and received a “no” from Diaz.  Upon entering the clubhouse at the conclusion of the game, Martin said to writers “Write it hard, Diaz is a bleep!”  Too many Major League umpires think they are the game. I certainly do not go to a game to watch Laz Diaz or Joe West.  Don’t get me wrong, there are many good umpires.  There are too many incompetent boobs who cannot get a call that is right in front of them, wrong.  They extend the strike zone, call the neighborhood play at second base, etc,, etc..,,,  It’s time for MLB to start fining and suspending the umpires who do not do their job and those who are arrogant like Diaz.  But then again, who runs the game?  Wussy-boy Selig.  EDB


 The Yankees finally beat the Angels in Anaheim and avoid a sweep.   The Yankees needed homeruns to score runs again.  Cano struck out with a ball in the dirt and runners on first and third.  Eric Chavez hit into a double play with two runners on base.  Ivan Nova pitched poorly.  He gave up his usual homer and gave back a 5-1 lead.  I understand that Ivan proclaimed he is the best pitcher in Baseball. That was a moronic thing to say.  It probably fired up opposing batters and maybe that is one reason he has an over five E.R.A.  EDB


 Brian, it simply amazes me, how far you will go to ruin this franchise.  You make it easy to write this blog, because you do something almost every day that is idiotic.  Today on Joe and Evans show, as part of WFAN, Evan made the statement answering a caller, that teams would line up for your services.  Let me help you find another job.  You are given credit because the Yankees have won, fine.  However, anyone in their right mind would not be making the moves you are presently making.    The Yankees need a solid starter and even more bats.  Your catcher is not even hitting .200.  People laughed when I got on you for signing Igawa.  I realized that you don’t know what you are doing.  You bring in National League pitchers that cannot complete in the A.L and you bring them back again, I.E. Vazquez.  Now we get all these stiffs.  I  guess the Yankees will have to reach “rock-bottom,” before others see what I can see.  This is the tragedy of it.  EDB


  I have not signed a Japanese Stiff in a while.  We did not want to touch Hu Darvish.  There has to be a Japanese pitcher dumped.  LATEST NEWS…Ryota Igarashi, who was not good enough to make it with the Pirates this spring, was just released by the Blue Jays.  He turned 33 Monday.  Perfect!  He had a 1.29 in the minors, but got lit up and the Blue Jays dumped him.  Wow!  Another team’s garbage.  What a steal!   EDB


ANAHEIM — The Yankees have acquired right-hander Ryota Igarashi off waivers from the Blue Jays, and the hurler will report to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

Igarashi, who turned 33 on Monday, spent Spring Training with the Pirates before being acquired by Toronto on March 30. He allowed four runs in two big league appearances spanning one inning for the Blue Jays, while also posting a 1.29 ERA and recording four saves in 21 innings for Triple-A Las Vegas.

Originally selected in the second round of the 1998 Nippon Professional Baseball Draft, Igarashi spent 10 seasons with the Tokyo Yakult Swallows of the Japanese Central League. In two seasons with the Mets (2010-11), Igarashi combined to go 5-2 with a 5.74 ERA in 79 relief appearances.

2010 St. Lucie FSL A+ nym 31 1 0 2.35 5 2 0 0 1 0 7.2 10 2 2 0 1 11 1 0 1.43 11.74 0.00 1.17 12.91 0.09 62-76 5
Buffalo IL AAA 11 nym 31 2 1 3.31 15 0 0 0 9 2 16.1 18 8 6 2 6 16 3 0 1.47 9.92 1.10 3.31 8.82 0.38 76-68 2
NY Mets NL MLB 18 nym 31 1 1 7.12 34 0 0 0 11 0 30.1 29 24 24 4 18 25 3 0 1.55 8.60 1.19 5.34 7.42 0.72 0.61 0 0 0 0 42.9 57.1 10.5 79-83 4
2011 Buffalo IL AAA 53 nym 32 0 1 0.87 21 0 0 0 13 5 31.0 15 7 3 2 9 34 2 2 0.77 4.35 0.58 2.61 9.87 0.26 61-82 5
NY Mets NL MLB 18 nym 32 4 1 4.66 45 0 0 0 9 0 38.2 43 20 20 2 28 42 3 0 1.84 10.01 0.47 6.52 9.78 0.67 0.90 0 0 0 0 41.5 58.5 9.9 77-85 4
2012 las_vegas pcl AAA tor 33 5/29/2012 1 1 1.29 19 0 0 0 5 4 21.0 10 3 3 0 3 28 0.62 4.29 0.00 1.29 12.00 0.11
NY Yankees AL MLB nyy 33 5/29/2012 0 0 36.00 2 0 0 0 0 0 1.0 5  EDB


  The Yankees still  don’t have a hit with the bases loaded this season.  They were over matched by the Angels.  The Yankees and the YES Network, can tell you anything they want.  WFAN and ESPN hosts can tell you anything they want.  This Team is in “big time”  trouble.  What I have been reporting about this team and their lack of “big time” hitting is true.  Tonight they left twelve men on base.  It makes me nauseous and I believe things will get worse.  What the hell has happened to Robinson Cano? 1-10 with the bases loaded.   He thus far, is having a horrible season.  Again, where are you Hal?  Get off your derriere  and let the Yankees fans know that you care.  If not, get out and sell the team.  EDB


Hey Hal, while your team is being  humiliated by the Angels, I though I would ask you a question.  Do you care?  I get the feeling you are happy to sell tickets and that’s all.  Remember what happened in 1965 when the owners did not care?  You know that you have a responsibility Hal?  Your Farther cherished this team.  You will go down as the owner who let this team slip.  Presently you have  and So what are you going to do Hal?  Are you going to remain silent and let this once great franchise die?  EDB


 Brian, I am watching the Yankees VS. The Angels tonight.  The Angels have Mike Trout and Mark Trumbo.  When was  the last time you and your your staff, developed players like them? After all, the Angels had won 90 or more games from 2004-2009.  They were 80-82 in 2010 and 86-76 in 2011.  Thus, they have not been losing season after season and yet they draft well and develop.  What’s that you say, you go after pitching.  Do we have to do a check of the minors Brian?  Finally remember this guy?   He’s Scott Downs, Brian.  He is the Angel’s closer.  Yes, he is quality lefty reliever.  Brian he has a 0.00 E.R.A.  He was available Brian when you were chasing Cliff Lee.  You did not bother to even make this guy an option.  You could have had some of your staff on him.  He struck out Andruw Jones with men on base.     But then again, the Yankees don’t hit with men in scoring position.  EDB


So Michael Kay of ESPN Radio finally found time to address some of the Yankees problems.  It was nice of him to take the time between The Knick’s Hype.  After all, the Knicks have done so much to entertain theit fans and this city.  When’s the last time they competed for a championship? He stated that many individuals are looking at Phil Hughes “through Pin-Striped Glasses.”  He also said “Phil Hughes has not been good since the first half of 2010.”  Really, tell me something I don’t know.  He also stated that Phil Hughes cannot put away batters when he has two strikes and that this runs up his pitch count.  In addition, Phil Hughes is not a prospect anymore, he has pitched five years.  Michael believes the Yankees should flip flop Hughes and David Phelps.  Hughes would be dominant out of the bullpen.  I believe the problem again is the genius.  He loves Hughs and perhaps the Steinbrenners.  The Yankees do not want to let on that this guy is not the prospect they lead us to believe.  Hughes has not shown me anything to believe he is a prime starter.  Phil himself, stated that in last night’s game, he was running on too much adrenalin.  Hey Phil, go speak to C.C.  He does not run on too much adrenalin.  The team can count on him.  EDB