Here’s my question: Did Buck want to acquire   Joe Saunders from the Diamonbacks to pitch against the Yankees because he throws left-handed?  If the answer is yes, other teams facing the Yankees can acquire: (1).  and bring him out of retirement.  He could literally throw his glove on the mound and beat the Yankees picthing left-handed.  (2).   Juan, the left-handed peanut vendor  (3). The One-Armed Man from the Fugitive.  He is by necessity, left-handed.  (4). Yes, the one and only Tim Tiebo.  If the Doofus Commissioner, will okay a new rule that allows footballs to be pitched to Teams.  Guys like Andruw Jones would not hit the football.   (5). Mike, the ice cream man, could get the Yankees right-handed lineup out.

 (6). Chuck Connors  

 Kevin Joseph Aloysius Connors (The Rifleman)

Position: First Baseman
Bats: Left, Throws: Left
Height: 6′ 5″, Weight: 190 lb.   Chuck, if he were still with us, and even though he is not, could still get the Yankees right-handed lineup out.  Speaking of that (7).    A left-handed Walking Dead Zombie would limit the Yankees Right-handed lineup to less than two runs.  Once again, let’s thank the architect .  After all  Steve Pearce batted cleanup tonight and   Monsieur Merle batted fifth tonight.    EDB


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