Well Mr. Owners    AND MR ARCHITECT  .  Some disturbing stats for you:  Tha Yankees are 0-46 when trailing after the eighth inning in 2012 and they were 2- 50 in 2011.  They just lost 2 of 3 to the last place Blue Jays who had lost 6 striaght series and 7 of eight series.  If I heard   correctly, the Yankees were 3 of 17 with.  This team offensively,  has been   dysfunctional for the past two years.  I started harping on this when I started writing this blog.  Yet, there have not been significant changes.  This is the Yankees and you are going to cause what happened in 1965, when the team went in the toilet.  I don’t care about the salary cap.  You make a huge profit and you need to address the fact that is team does not hit in the clutch.  It lacks heart.  Yankees fans deserve better than this.  EDB


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