New York Yankees News & Notes: 2/2/13

By on Feb 2, 6:00a 16

Thanks for showing up – Rick Yeatts

Joba & Aardsma: The Yankee Analysts look into the importance of Joba Chamberlain and David Aardsma for the 2013 bullpen. Now that Rafael Soriano is no longer a Yankee, Joba and Aardsma will have to step up in order to make up for the loss in depth. Both are looking to rebound from Tommy John surgery, so it might take some time before they’re back to 100%.

Power Rankings: MLB.com’s Richard Justice believes that anything could happen this year in the AL East. Things can work out well for the Yankees, or the team’s #3 power ratings could show just how much the tide has changed in the division. Either way, this is Cashman’s chance to prove that he’s so much more than the beneficiary of a blank checkbook. Justice actually believes the Yankees will be better off without Alex Rodriguez. PEDs or not, if he can come back healthy like the last time he had hip surgery I want him on my team.

Understanding Hafner: Fangraphs looks at the Travis Hafner signing and tries to explain his statistical trends of the last several years. Because of his lack of regular playing time due to injury, it seems that there isn’t any true way to determine how well he will be with the Yankees. The dimensions at Yankee Stadium and a platoon role will definitely make him productive, but the biggest question is for how long.

DFA’d Already: To make room for Travis Hafner, the Yankees have designated Russ Canzler for assignment. So much for that guy, I’m sure someone will claim him shortly. Hafner can also make up to $4M in incentives beyond his $2M base contract. We’ll see if he’s worth $2M first.

Cannon Fodder: The Yankee organization signed three minor leaguers that will mostly serve as organizational depth, but who knows! Josh Romanski is a lefty that has spent the last few years in the Yankee system. Twenty-four year old Right hander, Chris Smith, was signed out of the independent leagues after an impressive showing in the Frontier League and Australian winter league. Cuban short stop Leugim Barroso signed after putting up impressive numbers in two independent leagues.

A Look At A-Rod: NoMaas examines A-Rod, the human being, and all his personal flaws. I wish we could see the reality of athletes and celebrities instead of keeping them at these impossible standards all the time.




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