Hunter Pence overslides second base during hilarious baserunning blunder

Hunter Pence overslides second base during hilarious baserunning blunder


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San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence is a bundle of energy every time he’s on the field. On Wednesday night in Philadelphia — one of his former baseball homes — he perhaps had a little too much energy built up, and at one critical point during the game that led to a hilarious baserunning blunder.

With the game scoreless in the eighth inning, Pence attempted to manufacture a scoring chance by stealing second base and moving into scoring position. The good news: he had a fantastic jump and beat the throw by Carlos Ruiz by plenty. The bad news: he slid right on past the safety of second base and into no man’s land.

At this point, most baserunners would have either given up or made a token attempt to get back to second. But this is Hunter Pence we’re talking about. He’s not going to give himself up that easy and he’s not going to give a token effort. Instead, he popped up and made a beeline for third base.

Hey, it made sense in his mind at the time. Unfortunately for Pence, the speedy Rollins ended up chasing after him and then flipped to third baseman Andres Blanco to record the 2-6-5 caught stealing. That’s no stolen base credited if you’re scoring at home, but many laughs were had at Pence’s expense in Philadelphia.

Of course, in typical Hunter Pence fashion, he ended up getting the last and loudest laugh of all anyway. In a matter of an inning’s time, he went from goat to hero by delivering a bases-clearing double off Jonathan Papelbon in the ninth. That hit held up as the game-winner in San Francisco’s 3-1 victory over the Phillies.

”Pence is the guy you want up there,” Giants manager Bruce Bochy said. ”He has the knack of putting the ball in the right place. Pence is amazing. He has so much energy and he’s relentless. We’re lucky to have him.”

All a in night’s work…

Oh, wait, that wasn’t his only heroic act. Pence also played the role of medic, bringing the Phillly Phanatic back to life after he fell to the ground making fun of Pablo Sandoval.


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