Carlos Gomez Is A Dancing Ninja Turtle

Sean Newell


Carlos Gomez Is A Dancing Ninja Turtle



Mark Reynolds was a guest on MLB Network’s Yukfest Live with human balloon-from-the-supermarket-checkout-line Kevin Millar and Chris Rose Wednesday afternoon and got himself videobombed by Carlos Gomez. This was no run-of-the-mill videobomb, though, Gomez was dressed up as Leonardo the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. We might finally have an explanation for this bizarre novelty shirt that looks like a pizza stain.

The hosts spent a few minutes trying to guess who was in the Leonardo costume, eventually asking to see him move his hips, which led to the dance moves you see above.


Gomez eventually broke the cardinal sin of stuffed costume-wearing and removed his Leonardo head to cool off. I think he also tried to smell the back of Reynolds’s head? I dunno, baseball players are weird, man.

Carlos Gomez Is A Dancing Ninja Turtle1

“Is that… Herbal Essences?”



Gomez apparently obtained and wore the costume because his son asked him to, which is a pretty Cool Dad move on his part.



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