WWE News: Is The PG Product Slowly Going Away?


WWE News: Is The PG Product Slowly Going Away?

Wyatt and Jericho

<img width=”665″ height=”385″ src=”http://cdn.inquisitr.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Bray-Wyatt-and-Chris-Jericho-665×385.jpg” data-attID=”1373288″ class=”single-leader wp-post-image” alt=”Wyatt and Jericho” />


Chris Jericho’s latest-WWE return brought back smiles, as well as ruthless aggression involving him and Bray Wyatt. Before the feud even began, it was an obvious prediction that both men would bring absolute gold in the ring and on the microphone. After a few promos and a great match at Battleground, the WWE Universe was proven to be right in their assessments. However, that’s not the most interesting part.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, both the Wyatt-Jericho feud and the Stephanie McMahon-Brie Bella program included interesting segments which could insinuate that the PG product is slowly fading away.

“In the latest Raw report, recaps the Highlight Reel segment from Raw with Bray Wyatt and noted some slow changes within WWE with blood and some of the wording used on the show. They’re also using the word ‘b***h’ more and this week they used it during the first hour.”

First and foremost, this is purely speculation at this point, but the facts are there and in solid condition. Since the initiation of the PG era in 2008, blood always remained as a rare part of the show. Often times, WWE even tried to hide blood when it was clearly an accident.

On top of the “no blood” rule, swearing didn’t continue unless somebody like the Rock or Stone Cold came back and could use that sort of language without question. For example, both men use cuss words in their signature


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