New York Yankees trade rumors: Are the Yanks done?


new york yankeesThe New York Yankees have already made four moves leading up to the trade deadline, but I still don’t think general manager Brian Cashman is done yet.

Cashman has been actively looking to upgrade his roster after a season filled with injuries and disappointment. Although the trades he has made so far are rather small, it has seemed to help. Their most recent trade was on Thursday for left-hander Chris Capuano from the Colorado Rockies in exchange for cash considerations. Capuano joins Brandon McCarthy, Jeff Francis and Chase Headley as the new additions to the team this month.

The Yankees have won six of their last seven games since the All-Star break, so they must be doing something right. Headley, McCarthy and Francis have each contributed to the wins. Capuano makes his first start today against the Toronto Blue Jays, so we’ll see how beneficial of an addition he is.

The new additions to the rotation, Shane Greene and McCarthy, have been doing really well for the team so far. You would think that a team that lost four of their five starters in the rotation would be struggling more than they have been, but they’ve proven otherwise. They also added an infielder, Chase Headley, to the lineup who demonstrated in his first game what being an MLB baseball player is all about.

[New York Yankees: Chase Headley’s debut]

But Cashman has a plan and it seems to be working just fine. In fact, he remarked in a interview with ESPN radio in New York that:

“Our pitching has been drastically altered because of the injuries, and despite losing four out of five starters and all that stuff, our pitching has survived, surprisingly, to this point. I think our offense should be better.

It still feels like the pitching needs more help, but honestly, the offense has been consistently poor throughout the entire year. The answer has to be an offensive piece, I guess.”

This has led me to believe that Cashman is still not done making moves yet. He’s not completely satisfied (as no general manager should be) and I think he will be active in the non-waiver trade market until July 31st. As much as I like to think he will acquire another addition to the rotation, I think he’ll go with what he said and add another good hitter.

To be honest there aren’t any big name pitchers that Cashman can get right now, and I think the Yanks are getting along fine for now, (I probably just jinxed them). With Carlos Beltran and Mark Teixeira battling injuries, they are becoming less and less reliable and Cashman needs to make another promising addition to the offense like he did with Chase Headley.


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