Tony La Russa: I voiced ‘suspicions’ about A’s players to Sandy Alderson

Sure, you did, Tony!

Updated:   07/27/2014 05:23:49 PM PDT


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  • Jul 27:

Tony La Russa, on the weekend he entered Baseball’s Hall of Fame, told the New York Daily News that he voiced “suspicions” about possible steroid use by players when he was the A’s manager.

But La Russa was met with difference by A’s upper management, namely then-general manager Sandy Alderson. 

“I knew our programs in Oakland were 100 percent clean,” La Russa told the Daily News in a story published Saturday. “But we had our suspicions — guys hitting stronger but not working out. I went to Sandy and ownership about this. And they told me flat off, ‘Right of privacy. It’s a collective bargaining issue.’ ” 

Alderson, now the New York Mets general manager, told the Daily News, “I’m not going to comment on that until at least Monday.” 

Before Sunday’s induction into Cooperstown, La Russa also reiterated to the News comments he made to about his belief that the so-called “poster boys” of the steroid era such as Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Mark McGwire, should join him in the Hall of Fame, but with an asterisk. 

“It’s my two cents, but I think you should let them in, but with an asterisk,” La Russa said. “You can’t place these guys ahead of Hank (Aaron) and (Babe) Ruth. It was a bad period. But if a player has Hall of Fame credentials, I think they should be allowed in — a lot of them had Hall of Fame credentials before all this stuff came out.”


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