Yankees eyeing Willingham, other bats, in addition to rotation help


Baseball Insider

Yankees eyeing Willingham, other bats, in addition to rotation help

July 27, 2014 10:50 am ET 



With decent powerr numbers, Josh Willingham has the Yankees' attention. (USATSI)
With decent powerr numbers, Josh Willingham has the Yankees’ attention. (USATSI)



The Yankees, perhaps as concerned about their offensive issues as their rotation, are looking at outfielder Josh Willingham and some other bats.

The Yankees may actually prefer Willingham to Marlon Byrd or Alex Rios, perhaps partly because of Willingham’s reasonable $7 million salary and status as a free agent after the season, though Byrd and Rios haven’t been ruled out. Rios makes $12 million, with a $2 million buyout of a $14 million team option, and Byrd has an $8 million salary next year. Byrd’s deal does not seem overly high considering his solid production the past two years, but there may be some concern about his fit in the Bronx.

While Willingham is batting .215, he has 10 homers in only 56 games and a .777 OPS. He’s always showed good power despite playing in pitchers parks, such as Target Field, and before that Oakland Coliseum and Pro Player SDtadium, the football stadium the Marlins played in before moving to Marlins Park.

Willingham, 35, missed 41 games earlier this year because of a fractured wrist, but seems to be healthy now.

The Yankees are known to be seeking rotation help after losing four of its original five starters, but the offense has been disappointing, sparky interest in a bat. Ichiro Suzuki, 40, wasn’t supposed to be playing every day, and as we know form the leaks of the Astros notes, the Yankees had been trying to trade him previously. Suzuki wasn’t the choice of GM Brian Cashman, and was instead an ownership call from the start.

The Yankees may have some concernes about the ability of Carlos Beltran to hold up, as well.


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