Melky Cabrera breaks windshield by hitting home run over Green Monster

David Brown


Cabrera smashes fan's windshield with homer (USA Today)




Melky Cabrera homered from both sides of the plate Monday night, leading the Toronto Blue Jays to a blowout victory at Fenway Park — but only one of his drives broke somebody’s windshield.

In a scene in which any number of us who have broken stuff with a baseball can relate, Cabrera’s second home run against the Boston Red Sox went over the Green Monster in left and landed on the windshield of a white SUV in a parking lot across the street from the ballpark. A three-run job, it happened in the middle of a nine-run sixth and gave the Jays a 13-run lead. It also ruined somebody’s night by breaking a car, even if he or she didn’t know it yet.

CJ Zero on Twitter screen-capped the damage, in all of its glory. You could drive it home, but the glass needs to be replaced. Someone’s insurance should cover it, since it was an act of baseball and not of God. But if not — are the Blue Jays liable? Melky himself? Red Sox pitcher Felix Doubront? MLB? The company running the parking lot?


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