Today’s Yankee Promise; “We’ll Score 2 Runs.”

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Whoever pitches tonight for the Yankees can rest easy in the knowledge that, against the world’s worst team, our offense will put up 2 big runs.

Maybe Gardy goes deep twice again ( naturally, with no one on base ).

Maybe Zealous Wheeler hits a pop up to second that falls clean, with Yankee runners on 2nd and 3rd and two outs.

Maybe Almonte gets hit by a pitch with the bases loaded, and a second run comes in on a passed ball.

Maybe McCann doubles down the left field line with Yankee speed on first and second, beating the over shift for the second time all season.

Maybe Carlos goes yard in the ninth with Jeter on first.

No matter how you want to slice and dice it, I think we get 2 runs.

We did yesterday.

Therefore;  as long as our pitching staff holds the Rangers to 1 run, we are golden.  Otherwise, it is our 4th loss in a row.

I think losses to Texas count double, because no one else loses to them.

Why did I have a nightmare last night about falling off a Cliff?


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