untitleduntitleduntitled  Is Brian Cashman, which I have christened as “The Genius,” actually thinking with his

untitled?  The Genius was rehired by untitled Clueless Hal, who has decimated The Yankees Farm System.  The Genius now has to reconstruct The Farm System, The Roster and rehire coaches.  The Yankees are actually considering untitled Rail Ibanez.  Raul is an excellent choice.  He has had a solid Major League career.  But a coach needs to get through to hitters.  This is not an easy job.  Raul has always been an intelligent hitter, a clutch hitter and a calming influence.  Still, Raul must get though to imagesV2P8OX6E S like untitled

untitled Mr. Clutch, Mark Texierra.  Texierra, will hit into the shift consistently, when the third base line is open and

untitled Brett “Junior” Gardner. Gardner hit .255 in 2014 and struck out 135 times.  For those of you enamored with his 16 homers, because the rest of the team sucked so bad.  You are dreamers.  This guy does not use his speed and strikes out way to much.  Yankees, go get Ibanez.  I will keep you posted on the latest Yankees news.  EDB


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