Here is the latest…Yankees’ Fans.  Tyler Austin has been hot in The Arizona Fall League.  Whoppee Damned Doo.  Austin hit .275 with 9 Hrs 47 RBI’s at Double A Trenton, in 396 At Bats.  He also struck out 8o times.  Are these numbers that jump out at you?  (More of Cashman’s Work.)  Greg Bird has been a standout in The Arizona Fall League.  Bird hit .253 with 7 hrs and 11 RBI’s in 95 At Bats, with 27 strikeouts.  More Yankees hype??????   Slade Heathcott  and Mason Williams have fallen in stature on the prospects list.  Heathcott hit .182 in only 33 at bats for Trenton, with only 1 RBI.  He is always hurt.  Mason Williams hit a whopping .223 at Trenton with 5 Hrs and 40 RBIs in 507 At Bats.  (Can you please stop talking about this major Yankee flop!)  Gary Sanchez (One of the great Yankee Catchers,) hit .270 at Double A Trenton with 13 hrs 65 RBIs in 429 At Bats.  Sanchez also struck out 91 times.  He is still young, but Sanchez needs to pick up his game.

On a positive note, Luis Severino, a top Yankee’s pitching prospect, aged 20, moved up to Double A Trenton.  Sverino, went 2-2 with a 2.52 ERA and 29 K’s in 25 innings.  He still has a ways to go.

On what the Yankees are presently doing, The Yankees have offered a qualifying offer to David Robertson.  If Robertson accepts, he would remain a Yankee for the 2015 season.  Yankees still seeking Raul Ibanez as their new hitting coach.  Joe Pirela, who the Yankees brought up at the end of September, is playing Winter Ball and is off to a good start.  The Yankees have hired former Yankee and All Star Eric Chavez, as a special assignment scout.  I hope Eric will do a better job than Genius Cashman and the other clowns who run the minors for The Yankees.  I will be attending The Winter League Meetings in Beautiful San Diego, in December.  Get of your Ass, Genius and fix your mess.  EDB


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