Mark Feinsand from the New York Daily News heard from a source that the Yankees don’t intend to pursue free agents Pablo Sandoval, Max Scherzer, or Jon Lester this offseason. The good news is that the source claims the team is focused on bringing back third baseman Chase Headley and starting pitcher Brandon McCarthy, both of which made strong impressions after being traded to New York in the middle of last season.  The Yankees have Martin Prado and Slime-Rod already under contract.  Alex Rodriguez is going to flop on his cheating rear-end.  Mark my words.  He has two bad hips and no longer can  catch up with the fastball.  But since The Yankees are paying him, why not duke the fans into believing that The lying, cheating sack of excrement, can still do the job.  The Yankees are also interested in Chase Headley.  Headley, had one really good year and is doomed to fail.  The Yankees will then be stuck with him.  This is Yankee life under clueless Hal and Genius Cashman.  Another year of no playoffs, unless The Yankees wake up.  EDB


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