untitledToday on WFAN sports radio in New York, the always happy and positive and never arrogant ssports talk host in plain English, pissed off Michael Kay of ESPN Radio.  Both Francesca and Kay air their shows at the same time.  Francesca maintains that YES dumped him for Kay, not because of his sympathetic stance in his interview with Slime-Roid Rodriguez, as a caller suggested, but because YES (Yankees Enetertainment and Sports,)knew it could control the content on Kay’s show, along with co-host, Don La Greca.  When Kay got wind of Francesca’s comment, he went into a rant, calling Francesca a liar, a numerous amount of times.  Francesca appears to be jealous of Kay’s spot on YES.  Kay cited three reasons for Franceca’s demise on the YES network:  (1) Franceca’s show earned lots of money, which he deserved, but YES lost money,   (2) Francesa’s ratings dipped and Kay and Lagreca’s show has better ratings and (3) they wanted guys who stayed awake on the air (a low blow.)  Kay also mentioned that Francesca should offer proof of what he claimed, between naps.

imagesD2BKO7A4  VS. untitled  EDB



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