Here is the latest in Hot Stove news:  The Phillies have shown interest in Cuban Outfielder Yasmany Tomas.  The Yankees are targeting Brandon McCarthy, Chris Capuano (why?) Jason Hammel (nothing special,) to upgrade their rotation.  With the exception of McCarthy, this makes no sense.  According to Mark Feinsend of the Daily News,  Beltran, McCann, Ellsbury and Texierra have to step up.  This is not enough to make the playoffs in 2015.  Texierra is going in the opposite direction.  Harold Reynolds of The MLB Channel says that the Yankees should go after both Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez.  To quote Harold, “The Yankees have no lineup.  The Yankees can use both these guys, because you can rotate them around.”  Jon Heyman says that the Yankees are thinking of signing Chris Young as a backup outfielder.  Why would you want to waste your time with Chris Young?  He is done!  The Yankees need a shortstop and may look at Jed Lowry or Tulowitzki.  The Mets like tneed a rightfielder and Tory Hunter is available.  But the Mets don’t like to spend  So is Nick Makakis and Michael Morse.  If you look at the Met’s promotions for 2015, they have a promotion for every player other than Daniel Murphy.  Is this the writing on the wall?  The Mets also don’t have a promotion scheduled for Matt Harvey!  Norichi Aoki, may be available from the Royals.  EDB


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