21-year- Cuban 2ND baseman Andy Ibanez,  is a very interesting prospect.  Born April 3, 1993, Andy Ibanez (no relation to former Yankee and Voldermort impersonator, Raul Ibanez) is a right-handed, 5’11, 183 lbs. second baseman.   Ibanez was ranked as the eighth-best prospect in Cuba by Baseball America, before he defected.    DesIbanez is young, but  is a Gold Glove winning, three-year veteran of the Serie Nacional Professional Baseball League (Cuba’s highest professional league).

Statistics for Ibanez’s time in Cuba are hard to find, with only his rookie season (2011-12) in which he hit a solid .267/.377/.435 in 280 plate appearances with more walks than strikeouts.  Unlike some other Cuban prospects like Yoan Moncada, the scouting reports on Ibanez are few and far between.   Scouting reports  state that Ibanez does not possess a single standout tool. At the same time, he does not have any glaring weaknesses or below average skills.  Ibanez’s main strength is that he is capable of getting the best out of his present abilities.

Since Ibanez has fewer than five years of service time and is only twenty-one, he is subject to the international bonus pool.  He has also yet to establish residency in another nation so it may be a while before he is declared by the MLB, eligible to sign with a team.  Andy Ibanez could be an interesting prospect, but there is so little information that it might be best to pass on him.  This is especially true if the market for his services follows the trend set by other Cuban defectors.


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