Curry INTERVIEWS “Big-Time Hal”


On the first episode of Yankee Hot Stove or Yankees Hype Machine, as it should be properly named, Jack Curry spoke to Yankees Principal owner,  Hal Steinbrenner.

Hal wore lovely brown loafers and white socks, with a beautiful blue tennis shirt.  In the background was a picture of George looking on.  We don’t have to imagine what George would say.

Jack: What are the expectations for 2015?  Hal: We will field a World Championship caliber team like we attempt to do every year.   EDB: Hey Hal, did you take a look at the Yankees non-existent offense in 2014?  Let’s see the Genius fix your broken offense.

Jack: What do you expect of Alex Rodriguez in 2015?  Hal: Alex is gonna play third.  How often we do not know, because he will need a rest.  A-Rod is a hard worker.  EDB: I know Hal that you have to play the game and say the right things.  I know that you are doing your praying that he will break down and you will be able to recover most of the money that both you and your idiot brother gave him.

Jack: What about shortstop?  Hal: We’re gonna get a good guy to play shortstop.

EDB: Please not Brandon Ryan Hal.  If he starts at shortsop, I will images.

Jack: What does it feel like when your team has not qualified for the playoffs?

Hal:  I get accused of not being as passionate as my dad.  It is hard to stand up to George’s image, because he did a great job.  I am passionate, I just don’t let you see it.

EDB: Hal, Yankees’ fans want to hear that you are pissed.  You give the impression that you do not care and that you are clueless.  You just rehired the architect of your poor farm system.

Hal: We were in it until the end.  EDB: Were you really in it Hal?  With the Yankees punch less offense, you had no chance.

Jack: What are your expectations for 2015?  Hal:  I am excited about The Refsynders, Severinos and Ingrams, as well as our other prospects.  EDB: Who are the others Hal?  Mason Williams, Tyler Austin?  They are stiffs.

Luis Severino…Pitcher 2014 stats

2014 20 -4.6 Trenton EL AA NYY 2 2 .500 2.52 6 6 0 0 0 0 25.0 20 8 7 1 6 0 29 0 1 0 100 1.040 7.2 0.4 2.2 10.4 4.83

I cannot find Ingram.  So just who is he?     EDB


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