16308503-mmmain  Genius Cashman has ideas regarding what he needs to do to bring The Yankees back as Playoff Contenders in 2015.  Genius Cashman, sporting his new Redneck look, wants to construct a bullpen that resembles the Royals of 2014.  To do so, he will need David Robertson as the major ingredient.  The Genius came away from The GM Meetings, having made two marginally exciting deals, having resigned The Hitting Stud Chris Young to a one year deal and trading Francisco Cervelli to the Pirates for lefty reliever Justin Wlison.  Cashman wants the Yankees to have a lights out bullpen and a deeper and more versatile bench.  Resigning David Robertson is Cashman’s top priority.  If Disgrace Headley and Brandon McCarthy are offered above market price salaries and more than four years,  Cashman will look elsewhere.  With Robertson back, Betances, Jacob Lindgren, Shawn Smelly and Adam Warren, The Yankees might have the deepest bullpen in The American League.  The Genius would like to have an infield with Headley at third and Prado at second in 2015.  If Headley were to sign elsewhere, Prado could move to third and Rob Refsynder and Jose Pirella, could fight it out for 2nd base.  Because Mr. Clutch is such a wuss, Cashman will need a backup at first base.  Mike Carp (we love fish on the Yankees,) who is a free agent and non roster system Kyle Roller, who hit 26 homers between Trenton and Scranton, might suffice.  We shall see!

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