The Walking Dead came first, and it’s huge success would spawn another Zombie show.

What do they say?  “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!”  Z Nation in it own right is a more than decent show.  Based on the idea of a group of survivors trying to get an individual, Murphy played by Keith Allen, to a medical facility, in California.  Murphy, as a prisoner, was exposed to numerous Zombie bites and survived.  Thus, he carries the antibodies.  This is a main difference from Walking Dead, the series.  In the walking Dead, the comic, now adapted to the TV show, Eugene claims to know the cure, then admits to lying.  Similar, would have been the Walking Dead’s attempt to travel to Washington.  For the moment, that has been squashed.  Z Nation, already renewed for Season 2, has some likeable characters.  Doc is an excellent character, as is Warren and 10K.  Too bad they decided to eliminate Garnett, played by Tom Everett Scott.  Finally DJ Qualls, who plays Citizen Z, helping to guide our heroes, is a nice twist.  Kepp watching.  EDB



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