So they finally got Carol and Daryl (like the rhyme,) together, their moods, their thoughts.  Starting with a flashback of what it was like for Carol to be on her own and how she survived.  Daryl rescued Carol when he came across her at the car in a former episode.  I still don’t get the point of somebody asking Daryl, “where’s Carol?”  His answer was she’s coming.  This was by the woods, also in a past episode.  They did tie up the car with the cross, and Daryl and Carol’s attempt to find Beth.  The best line of the episode, regarding the picture on the wall in the office.  Daryl proclaimed, “It looks like some dog wiped his ass across it”  They tied up the “Everyone Hates Chris” uniting amongst the three and how Carol will get to the hospital.  Carol  needs better crossing skills.  Let’s hope they continue the story next week.  EDB


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