untitled  It did not get the headlines that the As signing Billy Butler had, but the signing of Pat Venditte by the As could become a story.  Vinditte signed a minor league contract that includes an invite to Sprin Training in 2015.

Vinditte, 29, can pitch with both hands.  The hitter helps to decide which hand he will pitch with.  Vinditte was drafted twice by the Yankees under Genius Cashman.  Pat is responsible for the Vinditte rule.  With two outs and a runner on first in the bottom of the ninth inning, switch-hitter Ralph Henriquez came to the plate representing the Brooklyn Cyclones’ last hope. What resulted was a moment of high comedy: Henriquez entered the batters box batting right-handed, so Venditte switched his glove to his left hand. Henriquez then decided to bat lefty, so Venditte switched his glove back to his right.

Vinditte’s stuff from both sides is considered below-average.  Stille, it would make a nice story if Vinditte makes it to the majors.


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