images  In an interview with Soprano’s creator David Chase, Chase stated that a prequel for The Sopranos is not out of question.  This is the same guy, who after squashing the show with The World’s Worst ending, completely ruled out any follow-up to the show,  Now with Gandofini gone, this makes what Chase said even more bizarre.  Go figure!  Now Chase is intrigued by the idea of more Sopranos.  Acording to Stevie Van Zandt, Cahse and Van Zandt “do dinner every week” and “we have discussed things.”  Steven, Silvio Dante on the show, was surprised that a prequel got past the dinner table.  When we last left Dante, he was on his death bed in the hospital. No worries, this is a prequel.  In his usual lingo, Steven said “if it happens, it would be cool!”


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