Curt Schilling, former MLB  pitcher and MLB analyst  is in the news again, this time concerning bizarre circumstances.

 One of Schilling’s three sons inadvertently put Boston’s Logan  Airport in Boston on edge after blurting out that he’d left a fake hand grenade in his bag while standing in a security line.

Curt, who loves to hear the sound of his own voice and share his views (all too often,)   shared the story on his social media accounts Saturday morning. Schilling shared the story, having been informed , airport officials immediately called upon security protocol to secure the scene and make sure a real threat wasn’t playing out. That included a bomb squad being brought to the scene to check the bag and give clearance.

Meanwhile, Schilling and his family were taken to a private room where they had to explain just what exactly was going on.  Schilling did not reveal which one of his genius sons, played the prank.


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