untitled  I.G. of WCS, wanted Kevin Long out as Yankees hitting Coach, now they cannot find one.

Chili Davis decided to work for the  dreded Red Sox instead of the Yankees in late October, the front-runner for the hitting coach job in The Bronx vanished.

Six weeks since firing Kevin Long after eight years, the Yankees’ vacancy still is not filled.  The  reason has nothing to do with waiting to see if Raul Ibanez is named the Rays’ manager. Raul is now one of  three finalists, along with Kevin Cash and Don Wakamatsu, to replace Joe Maddon.

Ibanez, a  Yankeelast a Yankee in 2012,  finished  a splendid career this past season with the AL champion Royals, was approached by the Genius Cashman’s  following the World Series about the hitting job and was said to be “intrigued.’’

Since  the Tampa Rays have spoken to Ibanez, a 42-year-old former outfielder who played in the big leagues for 19 years about managing their team, Ibanez has shown interest.

Ibanez,  never has managed a game at any level, remains a legitimate candidate for the opening. And if he doesn’t replace Maddon, Ibanez doesn’t want to coach according to a person with knowledge of the situation.

So, where does that leave the Yankees?   Maybe Ira plans to take the job.


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