Jose Canseco HAS ALWAYS PLAYED PRANKS.  His latest prank (it had me fooled,) concerned his reattached finger falling off.

After the accident shooting off  his (give the peace sign) finger, and having it reattached, the former MLB slugger claimed that it fell off during a poker game. Canseco said he wanted to put in up on Ebay.  I wonder if it would sell for more than his Rookie Card?

Jose’s finger never fell off! According to TMZ,  it was just one big hoax pulled off by Canseco.

Jose  told TMZ Sports that he came up with the idea while in a Halloween store.  A finger for sale, spurred the idea.

It remains unclear which Canseco moment is more strange: The finger incident, or his rant on Twitter is from  outer space.

untitled  untitled

Was this a prank?  I believe not.  The ball hit off Jose’s head and went over the fence for a home run.

watch BELOW…

Jose Canseco Head Home Run

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