during A STORY CONCERNING THE JETS IN THE NY DAILY NEWS, regarding the request for the  ouster of paranoid, in-over-his-head Jets alleged GM John Idzik, came a  bombshell: The Jets would not allow head coach Rex Ryan speak about sharing details about visiting his ailing 83-year-old father during the Jets’ bye week.


Manish  Mehta asked Rex  about the trip to visit cancer-stricken Buddy Ryan, one of the most respected defensive coaches in NFL history, and a Jets PR official intervened. The  News, and Mehta , have  been rough on the Jets this season and in the past — namely about GM John Idzik, whose bumbling of the team’s roster has left the talent pool bare.  Bumbling a very good word for…untitled

Mehta writes:

Asked “who made the decision to prevent a willing Ryan from sharing stories about his father, the media relations official said, “I don’t have to tell you.”

Rex’s policy tis to allow  his players the freedom to speak their minds.  This running scared excuse for a sport’s organization  has muzzled Rex and  with a change of the Jet’s coach on the way,  Rex  will be out  on Black Monday.

 The fact that the PR official refused to let Ryan speak about his dad shows just to what level the paranoia has risen. Idzik has been crucified  around the Metropolitan area, with billboards calling for his removal, including one that demands owner Woody Johnson fire Idzik or sell the team.

 Ryan, who was asked about Idzik indirectly on Tuesday, actually shielded the GM from further criticism when asked about the state of the roster, even though Ryan could end up being the first fall guy.

This team will suck forever!  Those who wish to support this joke of an organization by paying money for tickets, are just reinforcing the ineptitude.  The stadium should be empty for the rest of the season.  Send Woody another message.


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