Former  WWE Superstar CM Punk has not let it be known why he  left the WWE back in January of 2014.   Fans wonder why he is no longer part of the WWE.  Why did the  wrestler  with the longest WWE Championship reign in nearly 30 years to suddenly leave?  CM Punk spoke to talk about his career  with his  friend Colt Cabana on The Art of Wrestling.

Punk was very opened up , discussing  details of the departure.

Punk  claimed  that he left the WWE after The Royal Rumble mostly due to his health. He suffered a  concussion, broken ribs and a bad knee all the same time during his last few months with WWE. In addition, punk actually got so sick on WWE’s European Tour in  November of 2013.  Punk  was throwing up and dry heaving every night after his matches. CM  claimed to have a fever for months and almost no appetite. He claims that WWE doctors doped him up on so many antibiotics that he had an “accident” in the ring on a SmackDown taping. CM mentioned that  the entire time he watched his paychecks shrink down. Punk stated that this was the worst he had felt  physically in his entire life.

The concussion he  suffered actually happened  during the Royal Rumble match, but he still worked through his time. It didn’t seem to be a terrible one as he was able to pass a concussion test the next day. Punk called his concussion test “BS.”

When the WWE was informed he passed the test , but they wanted him to run the ring ropes and evaluate him. This is usually done what is done with wrestlers  indicate how  they will  operate in the ring after running around and getting tired,  Punk claimed  that he demanded that WWE just decide he has a concussion. Punk admitted that he denied that he was hurt for a very long time, and he tried to just tough it out.


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