Many writers, fans, etc..,, are saying “Hey Genius, it’s the Yankees’ turn.”   Turn to do what?  Counter what the Red Sox did…

We have come to the point   where we find out just how committed to winning that they claim to be.   Are they tempted to react to what The Red Sox pulled off?

It was quite an impressive double play the Red Sox pulled off by signing concerning Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval.

The Red Sox have intimated that there is  MORE TO COME!   The Sox  intend to add two veteran starting pitchers — including Lester, the hottest free agent on the market right now.

If the Red Sox can pull that off, they would be  positioned to trade for a starter — say, possibly Cole Hamels.

How would that change the makeup of The A.L. East?

Let’s take a look.

1. Red Sox.

2. Orioles.

3. Blue Jays.

4. Yankees.

5. Rays.

No matter what Genius   Cashman does, there’s going to be a large unknown concerning the 2015 Yankees. The Yankees will need  good health and  productive seasons from CC Sabathia Beltran and Texiera.  Let’s be real.  CC Sabathia is a great team guy and has had a solid career.  His velocity is gone and he is missing cartilage in his knee, that he needs to push off.  Texiera has worsened as a hitter steadily for the past three years.  His defense has lessened as well.  Worst of all, he seems to lack confidence.  Just listen to what he says.  I.e. “I am too old to hit as well as I have.”  Beltran will be a year older.  He is the one player who can rebound.  But to what level?

Cashman’s first priority should be to resign third baseman Chase Headley,  Brandon McCarthy  and r David Robertson. He also has to figure out shortstop, with Stephen Drew and others in the mix or possible Jimmy Reynolds, as reported.

If Cashman brings those four players back onto his roster, the Yankees will be good enough to go play. Whether they’ll be good enough to avoid a third straight season out of the playoffs is the interesting question.

The Yankees made moves with McCann, Ellsbury and Beltran in 2014.  But this is a year later.  The Yankees showed an almost non-existent lineup and finished out of the Play offs for the second straight year.  The Owner Hal Steinbrenner talks about A Championship Cailber lineup.  That’s another matter.


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