Cuban right-handed pitcher Yoan Lopez held a showcase for MLB teams earlier this month, the Yankees were among these  teams WHO SHOWED  interest in the 21-year-old PITCHER.   Lopez will be hold another showcase in the Dominican Republic next week. Although declared a free agent by MLB, Lopez is still waiting on clearance from the Department of Treasury before he is permitted to sign with a team.

Lopez has pitched for Isla de la Juventud in Cuba for three years.  Lopez  I s 6’4″ and weighs 190 pounds Lopez throws  a cutter, changeup, slider, and curveball to go with an overwhelming fastball that has been clocked at 100 mph three times during his workouts. The Rays, Red Sox and Angels  are also interested in Lopez.   With the Yankees having already shattered their international spending allotments they might be willing to be the most aggressive for Lopez, seeing as they are already going to be penalized for their spending spree. Teams that have not already gone past their pool money might not want to be penalized for signing Lopez.

Baseball America considers the Yankees to be one of the favorites, with theGiants  for Yoan Moncada. It’s nice to see that the Yankees are interesting in going all out for international talent this season after already signing ten of the top 30 international prospects to deals earlier this season.


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