Oakland A’s fans are disgusted and pissed  regarding the team’s   best player — the big bat  in their lineup and on their infield — and arguably their most popular player, traded with next to no warning in a deal that signaled to many , specifically  Josh Reddick of the team’s plan to rebuild.

It is once again ridiculous thinking on Billy Beane’s part, just because the A’s decomposed at the end of last season.  Beane is popular because of Money Ball.  Let’s face it, he is another clueless GM.  The A’s under Beane’s leadership, have never won anything.  Perhaps, because of his lack of leadership.

A’s fand are not too thrilled with the signing of Billy Butler.  A’s fans are confused about the singing of Butler and the trade of Donaldson.  Now the A’s roster is filled with first baseman/DH types.

Time will tell how Beane’s plan plays out and ultimately works out, but for now A’s fans are annoyed, disillusioned and not at all shy about sharing those feelings.

It usually does not work out.  Just because a movie was made about you, does not show that you know what you are doing.

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