imagesuntitled  RIP BETH…..

Most of we Walking Dead fans figured it was either Carol or Beth.  One thought crossed my mind as the Fire Engine arrived, with the rest of our heroes.  Could it be one of them?  Do they get to the hospital to try to help Rick, Daryl and the others.  It could have been Glen.  If you read the Walking Dead comic, you know why I said that.  In this episode, the swap went down.  It ended up being a swap of Beth for Dawn, even though we did not want it that way.  Just my opinion, but I would have been more upset if Carol or Mashonne bought it!  The episode on the whole was good!  But it was so hyped, particularly the leaks of Norm Reedus breaking up and the last few minutes.  It could unfortunately, not stand up to the hype.  See you on February 8th, when the WALKING DEAD RETURNS!    edb

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