untitled  MARK NEWMAN

Mark Newman, once again made The Daily News Bill Madden’s Top Ten Turkey Awards!  Congratulations Mark.

On his way to retirment, the  Yankees  former Vice President  of scouting and player development has made a  return appearance on our Top 10 Turkey List for the same reasons he made it in 2013.   In Newman in 16 years,  failed to draft and develop a single All-Star caliber position player or frontline starting pitcher (the Yanks haven’t accomplished either since Derek Jeter and Andy Pettitte). In 2014 Newman had one more parting accomplishment  of turkey: For the first time in anyone’s memory, not a single Yankee farm team made the playoffs.

And who has been in charge of the Yankees operation for the last 16 years?

imagesOXEGTRVK  And what individual hired this genius back after the fact listed regarding Mark Newman, (who was on Cashman’s staff?)



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