David Robertson might be a former Yankee.  Robertson, top free agent closer on the market,  is he’s likely to get a four-year deal despite having a draft pick attached to him by virtue of him declining the qualifying offer from the Yankees.

Some executives in Baseball  questioned whether Robertson was taking an unnecessary risk when he turned down the Yankees’ $15.3 million offer, which would have given the highest salary ever for a relief pitcher without ever even testing the market.  One rival executive said he’s heard Robertson already has an offer of about $39 million for three years in hand, and that it seems likely with all the outside interest that Robertson will get a four-year offer.

The Yankees, appear to be more  focused on finding a shortstop to replace the retiring Derek Jeter,  clearly hoped to keep Robertson, about whom GM Brian Cashman raved as the GM meetings, saying he has “all the boxes checked.” But word is  that the Yankees weren’t expecting to go to four years.

The Houston Astros  are thought to be one interested teams.  There seems  to be other teams in the mix, as well, which could put pressure on the Yankees, who have seen the rival Boston and Toronto each make two significant acquisitions this winter.


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