On  Monday Night Raw, Paul Heyman   appeared, via satellite, to talk about his client, Brock Lesnar. Michael Cole asked him a  lot of  questions regarding  Lesnar and where the WWE World Heavyweight champion is. Lesnar hasn’t appeared on WWE television in a number of weeks, in fact his last pay-per-view performance came at the Night of Champions Pay-Per-View. TLC is now two weeks away to give that last sentence more relevance.

Vince McMahon said  on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast last night,  “Lesnar is an attraction like no other.”  His analogy of Jake Roberts from the past summed it up. The first time Roberts took the snake out of the bag; the crowd was elated. want to make that same mistake twice.  Jake the Snake’s Aura fell and The WWE does not want to make the same mistake with Lesner.

Lesnar’s contact has written in it,  that he will be used very sparingly. A few days ago,  the situation was updated on Brock, reporting that he will be appearing on Raw next week for the Slammy Awards.. It has been further  updated that  Lesner  was removed from Raw next week.


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