untitled  Andrew Miller appears to be getting closer to a deal that will surely make him the highest paid non-closer in baseball history, and the latest word is that it might be a big-market battle.   With The Red Sox now out, The Yankees and The Dodgers are the two finalists.

Miller is likely to get a  four-year deal that’s expected to pay him close to $40 million following an excellent  season for both Boston and Baltimore.  The  Dodgers and Yankees are just the sort of teams that may be able to afford a set-up man with close to a $10 million annual salary.

It appears Miller will sign in  a day or two.

There could be other teams involved, but The Red Sox are more interested in bolstering their starting lineup.

The Dodgers have Kenley Jansem, an excellent closer,  but need help in their set-up situation.  The Yankees and free-agent closer David Robertson have been in talks but it appears the Yankees are more willing to go to four years for Miller since it’ll be a lower annual salary with no draft-pick attachment.


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