Last December, The Yankees signed free agents Brian McCann, Carlos Beltran, Jacoby Ellsbury, their free agent Kiroki Kuroda and Brendan Ryan  as free agents. In December 2012, they signed Kevin Koukalis and Ichiro Suzuki ,  in 2011, the Yankees signed Andruw Jones and Freedy Garcia. In December of  2010 was a biggie — the Yankees re-signed  El Capitan  and Mariano Rivera to free-agent contracts, as well as Monsieur Martin, Russell Martin.  In December  of 09, following their World Series victory over the Phillies, they re-signedAndrew Pettite  and traded for Curtis Granderson.  Just a small history of the Yankees making moves.

Here in 2014 fans are asking “what will the Yankees do?”
One free agent that might not be resigned is Chase Headley.  Headley,  two weeks ago was being touted by folks in the organization as Priority No. 1 considering the lack of faith the Yankees have in the returning Slime-Rod Rodriguez.

Presently,  Headley fever seems to have cooled, especially since Pablo Sandoval signed with the Red Sox.  Panda signed a  $95 million and  has given Headley the idea  to seek  a five-year deal of his own. Tuesday, The  Yankees on the other hand,  are not willing to give Headley five years, considering his age (31 in May), so-so offensive production the past two seasons, and lingering lower back problems, which could lead to surgery at some point over the length of a five-year contract.


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