The Yankees have said good-bye  reliever David Huff, Jose Campos and Slade Heathcott.  I will bet you money that Genius Cashman considers bringing Huff back for a third time.  We heard about how good Campos is and that he might be a steal in the Pineda deal.  That did not last too long.  We heard about Heathcott and what a big Yankees prospect he is.  So much for that!

They did avoid arbitration with Esmil Rogers earlier today. Rogers reportedly signed for$1.74 million contract with $750,000 guaranteed.


Cutting ties with Heathcott was the most surprising news. The 24-year-old was a 2009 first-round pick, but couldn’t stay healthy. His second knee surgery cut short his 2015 season after just nine games at Double-A Trenton.  Another disaster under Cashman.

Campos was the other  player the Yankees received in the deal that also got them Michael Pineda from the Mariners in 2012 for Jose “Ice Cream Cone” Montero.   Campos also struggled to stay on the field. The righty 22-year-old had Tommy John surgery and didn’t pitch in 2014.  Lots of pitchers have Tommy John, but the Yankees have had a multitude of injuries in the minors.

David Huff, 30, was perhaps the least surprising cut of the bunch. While the lefty pitched well in a long relief role after the Yankees acquired him from the Giants midseason, the club’s offseason moves appeared to squeeze him out of a spot. Huff’s agent stated that The Yankees had positive reviews regarding Huff after the 2014 season.  Not a major loss.  But this is what the Yankees do, Cashman picks up scrap heap guys and backup catchers and then sours on them after a year.

Though Heathcott, Campos and Huff each will now become free agents, the Yankees still can sign them to minor-league deals.

The Yankees are expected to give contracts to arbitration-eligible relievers Shawn Kelley and David Phelps and starters Michael Pineda and Ivan Nova.


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