images  If ONE WAS trying to make sense of why the A’s would part with their best player , third baseman, Donaldson  to theJays, there’s a  story floating around that might explain it. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Donaldson was sent to the Toronto Blue Jays on Friday, in a five man deal that brought Brett Lawrie to Oakland, plus pitchers Kendall Graveman and Sean Nolin, and shortstop prospect Franklin Barreto.

The mild explanation:  Brilliant  Beane sold high on Donaldson, getting  as much talent back as possible, as is the Brilliant Beane way.

According to The SF Chronicle and Bleacher Report, Brilliant Beane and Donaldson clashed during the season when Donaldson asked for time off to rest. The Chronicle’s version, Beane said it was “normal protocol” and Donaldson said “we had a talk.”

But Scott Miller of Bleacher Report wrote otherwise.

One industry source says he “knew” the Athletics would trade Josh Donaldson this winter, no matter how little baseball sense it made, because the All-Star and Beane were “at war” by season’s end.

untitled Brilliant Billy

Many  sources cite a verbal altercation between the two after Donaldson told manager Bob Melvin he needed a couple of days off after Oakland had played several days in a row. The story states that  Beane told Donaldson if he needed a couple of days off, the club should put him on the disabled list, and that pissed off  Donaldson .

“Donaldson asked his manager for some rest , and Melvin said, ‘You got it.’ ” “Then that night’s lineup came out and Brilliant Bill wanted to know where Donaldson was.

When iformed th Beane got angry and ordered Melvin to put Donaldson back into the lineup.

“They took the discussion into  the coach’s office,”  where   Beane tore  into Donaldson, with the third baseman reiterating his need for a day off and petulantly calling Beane “Billy Boy.”

“Nobody talks to Billy that way, as many people know.   What then transpired did not surpise those close to the situation.



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