As the Yankiees near Sprin Training for 2015, Sime-Rod Rodriguez will have to show he can more than “shake off the rust” to The Yankees.

Cashman stated “I don’t know what to expect with Alex. I think it’s every color on the rainbow,” Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said Friday during a telephone conference  discussing the Yankees two newest acquisitions via trade and signing,  Didi Gergorious and Andrew Miller,

Slime-Rod, was suspended last season for violations of baseball’s drug agreement and labor contract. He is owed $61 million by the Yankees in the final three seasons of his contract.

Chase Headley, The Rod’s replacement in July, is  likely to leave via free agency. While discussing possibilities for third base, Martin Prado was mentioned, but not a wiff of Slime-Rod.

Genius Cashman said , ”I avoid actually penciling his name in” and said he strives to answer questions about Rodriguez ”as honestly and diplomatically at the same time as I possibly can.”

”The extreme hope is that you get the middle-of-the-lineup bat that can play third whenever you want, if not all the time, and be a productive middle-of-the-lineup hitter,” Cashman said. ”’But at the same time, the worst-case scenario is that he’s no longer a third baseman and is not a productive bat and you’re looking to find places to play, whether it’s in the DH role or spot starter here or there at third.”

A=Roid  will be forty  on July 27 and has not played a full season since 2007 due to leg injuries, operations on both hips and the long suspension.

”I don’t know where on that spectrum we’re going to fall,” Cashman said. ”We’ll find out once we’re getting through spring training, he’s knocking the rust off of playing again. He’ll be in great shape. He usually always is. Normally, that’s the guy that we’re used to.”

We all know all the drugs A-Roid has pumped into his system and who knows of all the drugs we do not know about.


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