After a month of seeming inaction, the New York Yankees muscled their way back into off-season relevance on Friday, acquiring a shortstop to replace the retired Derek Jeter and an elite reliever to fill a hole left for now by free-agent closer David Robertson.

Sorry to all my readers, especially you Gretchen.  I had both Yankees moves, but I could not get to a computer.  I have been stuck on jury duty.

Yesterday afternoon,  the Yankees completed a three-team trade between The Diamondbacks and Tigers and  acquired  24-year-old defensive whiz Didi Grigorious.  Starting pitcher Shane Greene  went to the Tigers to complete their part of the deal. HoursA few hours later, The  Yankees announced the signing of left-handed relief ace Andrew Miller, who dominated for the Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles this past season, to a four-year, $36 million deal.

Gregorius serves  the Yankees  with an outstanding defensive shortstop who is light with the bat.  Miller will likely slot into a setup role, with All-Star rookie Dellin Betances then moving to closer if Robertson doesn’t return.


  1. Ed – glad to get the updates – how do we feel about Gregorious? You said defensive whiz – can anyone in the infield hit?

  2. Gretchen:
    Didi Gregorious, is as I mentioned on the blog, “thinking out of the box” by Cashman. The Yankees have been trying to acquire Didi for several l years now. POSITIVES: Gregorious is 24, a good fielder, a left handed hitter with some pop and he can sketch. I placed a copy of his sketch on the blog. NEGATIVES: Gregorious has trouble with lefties. The Yankees are planning to platoon him with Brendon Ryan. First, platooning shortstops, never works. Second, watching Ryan serious makes me ill. He simply cannot hit. Thanks for your reply Gretchen. I will report in from The Winter League Meetings, starting tomorrow. EDB

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