Genius Cashman addressed The Media from  San Diego,  this afternoon to answer questions about his plans for the team. A few notable things were discussed.  Cashman admitted that the Yankees never intended to sign Robertson after after signing Miller on Friday. The  comments from early this morning  suggested the team never made an offer to Robertson’s camp before he agreed to a four-year deal with the White Sox.  Cashman says he told media that the Yankees were still interested in Robertson after the Miller signing so that it wouldn’t hurt Robertson’s market Yeah sure, Genius!)  That’s kind of nice, I guess. Cashman  decided that Miller and the draft pick was a better way to allocate their resources.

Cashman  said that he spoke to The A’s  about Jeff Samarjia, who is heading to the White Sox after being traded earlier today. Cashman said there just wasn’t a match with the White Sox (sound familiar.)  This is because The Yankees under Cashman have not developed any talent.   In addition, as I have written about Clueless Hal rewarded Cashman with a three year contract.  Now Yankees fans will get to see what further damage, Cashman might do.  And if The Yankees are rebuilding (which they won’t admit,) then stop charging enormous prices for tickets.

Cashman said that it wasn’t in his best interest to say whether or not he was interested in the free agent pitchers, available on the market.  With a glaring need (or two) in the rotation at this point, it would be pretty stunning if the team wasn’t in on at least one of Scherzer or Lester.

Reports were that The Yankees have  hired former Yankee and Trenton Thunder hitting coach Marcus Thames to be assistant hitting coach in the Bronx.  Cashman says that report was false. He has to hire a hitting coach before worrying about an assistant hitting coach.

Joe Girardi also spoke to the media and said that he hadn’t decided whether or not he’d name a closer between Miller and Dellin Betances  or go with a situational type method.

It will come down to which guys make the Yankee bullpen out of spring training and there are plenty of people in the mix for that, included,  last year’s top draft pick Jacob Lindgren.

 Joltin’ Joe Girardio said that he expects Mashahiro Tanaka to make his 32 starts next season after suffering from a partially torn UCL in 2014.  Joltin’ Joe also said obvious that Ivan Nova won’t be ready to pitch by Opening Day after recovering from Tommy John surgery.

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