The Yankees are in on having Texiera in their 2015 lineup, like they have a choice.

GM  Genius  Cashman said last week at the Winter Meetings in San Diego that Teixeira’s injuries should be “behind him.”

“I don’t think we’ll have the same issues this year as we had last year,” The Genius said.

If you watched The Yankees in 2014, you saw just how much Texiera has slipped.

The 34 year old Texiera  played in  123 games and had career lows in batting average (.216) and on-base percentage (.313). He also hit just 22 bombs and drove in 62 runs — third-most on the team.

Teixeira’s poor numbers might be explained by him coming off  wrist surgery.  Texierra injured his wrist in 2013 and that kept him out most of the 2013 season.

Texiera believes his wrist is healed and he will be able to work harder, this often season.

Cashman all but agrees.  In 2014, Texiera suffered from  a strained hamstring, a sore knee, tired legs, dizziness, a gashed left hand and a strained oblique.

“I think Mark Teixeira is definitely an everyday first baseman,” Cashman said. “I think he’ll prove that this year. I think last year is something he felt will be part of the process and he feels it won’t be part of this year’s process. In terms of his recovery and rehab, last year was expected for him. And that won’t be expected going forward.”

And this is why Cashman is The Genius. Let’s take a look at Texiera’s career as a Yankee.

Forget all these new found stats.  Let’s look at Texiera’s stats 2009-2012.  Already mentioned were his stats for 2014 and he did not play much in 2013.

YEAR            HRS                RBI’s                   Average

2009              39                    122                      .292             (an excellent year.  Texiera earned the money that the Yankees paid him.)

2010              33                    108                     .256              (Texiera’s average dropped

36 points and I DO NOT

want to hear the crap that

average d”does not matter.”

It is an important indicator.

Texiera’s Hrs and RBIs

dropped, but they were


2011                 39              111           .246                           (HRS and RBIs still good.

Batting average dropped again.)

2012                 24                84          . 251                           (not a great year.)

If Texiera’s average drops a little more, he might hit under .200.  When swinging lefty, he appears to be falling backwards.  Texeira has let himself get flustered over the shift and cannot make adjustments.  Cashman talks about a backup for first base.  What is he gonna do?  Pick up another scrap heap player?


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