Yankee’s former catcher, Jorge Posada has sued his money agents for allegedly stealing 11.2 million from him.  Jorge  claims that agents stole a lot of money,  just three years after he retired from baseball.

Jorge’s  civil suit, was filed in Miami-Dade County on Monday, claims financial advisers Juan Carlos Collar and Anthony Fernandez defrauded him into investing in a shady real-estate deal in 2005 and also investing  millions into risky hedge-fund transactions beginning in 2007 while he was still the star catcher for the Bronx Bombers.

Posada’s lawsuit hints at the fact that Pasada lost  of lots of money. His estimated worth is $45 million.

The lawsuit said Posada and his wife, Laura, a lawyer, were “naive” and “inexperienced” investors.

Posada, 44, a Puerto Rican native who resides in Florida, sold his 11th-floor four-bedroom, five-bathroom condo in the Seville complex on East 77th Street for $9.5 million. The property was first listed at $11.5 million.


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