Every man and boy’s favorite Baseball player, Alex “Slime-Rod, A-Roid, Cheat-Rod, Choke-Rod, Rodriguez, according to Genius Cashman faces reduced playing time for the Yankees in 2015.


GM great Brian Cashman,  said Tuesday that A-Rod’s days as an everyday fielder are over in the Bronx.  Chase Dreadley will start at third after agreeing this week to a $52 million, four-year contract.

Coming off a season-long suspension for violations of baseball’s drug agreement and labor contract, Slime-Rod  will have to compete with Martin Prado for time as Headley’s backup at third.  What!  I thought Prado would play second base.

”I can’t expect Alex to be anything,” The Genius said in a  telephone interview with The AP. ”I’ve got to think the worst and hope for the best. Even before the suspension, he wasn’t the same player at third base on the defensive or offensive side. And that was before the suspension.

”And now he’s been out of the game for a year. He’s approaching 40 years of age. And just to automatically assume given his circumstances that he’ll be able to plug right in, play third as an everyday guy and hold up and be productive, I think that would be dangerous thinking from my perspective, in the seat I’m sitting in.”

Is this Cashman trying to force the hand of A-Roid?  We will find out.


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