In a huge eleven player trade, finalized today:

The Tampa Rays get:  Steven Souza, of, from The Nationals; Travis Ott (no relation to Mal,) outfielder from The Nationals; Rene Rivera, Catcher from The Padres; Burch Smith, Pitcher from The Padres and Jake Bauers, 1st baseman from the Padres.

The Padres get: Wil Myers, of from The Rays; Ryan Hanigan, catcher from The Rays; Jose Castillo, pitcher from the Rays and Gerardo Reyes, pitcher from The Rays.

Finally, The Nationals get: Joe Ross, Pitcher from The Padres and Trea Turner, shortstop, from The Padres.

Joe Ross, pitcher, from Padres
Trea Turner, shortstop, from Padres

For all the time that I have trashed The Padres for doing nothing, they got the biggest chip in the deal.  Wil Myers was The A.L. Rookie Of The Year in 2013  Myers has suffered from a wrist injury, but Myers is just 24 and should be recovered.  The Padres gave up lots of young pitching talent.  The Nationals received some young chips as well.


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